"Day by day in every way, I'm growing better and better."

-Emil Coue

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The Dating World (and Outlook on Life in General) Has Changed For Me
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A friend introduced me to the pickup artist community by recommending the book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists y Neil Strauss.  It and the wealth of online information available through the PUA community has revolutionized my outlook on dating, sex, and relationships.  I already see it working in my life.  

I have a second date with someone in Greencastle tomorrow.  I'm struggling with some of my moral views on the matter and my worries about hurting others, but I'm very sexually attracted to this woman and enjoy talking with her, but I can't see myself having a relationship with her.  I made clear to her that I don't know how it can work out with us living almost an hour away from each other and with my new found views on dating.  She said she has a problem with men getting attached to her and not going away when she wants them too.  So it sounds like we're on the same page.  

She really seems down to fuck.  I am really down to fuck.  She is having me pick her up at her place tomorrow and I'm hoping we can  have sex, but I have other opportunities popping up as we speak and I anticipate more in the near future and don't want to tie myself down with her (figuratively at least).  I have to come to terms with the possibility of fucking someone while dating others if I want to go down this road.

I am doing SO much better than when I made my last posts: I'm on a new med; my bodyfat has gone down and muscle mass remained; and I started a new internship.  I have real hope for the first time in a long while and I've accepted where I'm at in life yet I'm confident that I can move forward to achieve my dreams.  


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